About JL Modern

JL Modern Gallery is pleased to be opening its doors in November of 2018. We have constructed a well-lit, white box gallery with high walls and wood floors as a clean, neutral space to allow us to exhibit a program of rotating contemporary photography. We have operated with one gallery up until the present, Holden Luntz Gallery, in which the programming is set far in advance, and its historical development for the last 20 years has been in showing great examples from the masters in the foundation of photography. This work has covered a variety of American and European photographers from the early 1900s to the present.

JL Modern Gallery will allow us the chance to show a range of large-scale, international fine art photography. It is designed to encourage a lively photographic discourse and to show work that addresses contemporary culture and modern methods of picture taking and printing—from digital to alternative process image making. The programming will be nimble and range from small group exhibitions that are thematically centered, to one or two-person venue exhibitions. It is a space intended to showcase international masters and expose significant talent that may not otherwise show in the southern United States.

The expansion of the joint galleries will give us the unique ability in South Florida to exhibit a more extensive range of fine art photography as well as encouraging collectors, corporations, and foundations to utilize the collective expertise from both galleries to help build and guide photographic collections.

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